There’s a force in town, coming to rid those trails of trash on foot, and on bikes! Join Trash Free Trails this April for their Spring Trail Clean!

Throughout April, riders, runners and roamers from the Highlands to the Himalaya will be working together.

Written by Jake Sculthorp

It brings me great pleasure to be writing about Trash Free Trails Spring Trail Clean. 

Anyone who knows me will know how much I love to be outside. Whether I’m in a boat, hiking across the countryside, or ripping down a hill on a mountain bike. Being out and about is the place for me.

There has been a huge increase in people using their local trails and parks recently, which is amazing to see. But an increase in litter has also been recorded.

This spells bad news for our little woodland friends. 

A study conducted by Keep Britain Tidy estimated that 2.9 million small mammals – like shrews, hedgehogs and voles – are dying each year after getting stuck in bottles and cans thrown onto grassland and parks.

We ALL have a responsibility to keep these little guys out of harms way.

Trash Free Trails mission

To reduce single-use pollution (aka; litter!) on our trails and wild places by 75% by 2025 and (re)connect people with nature through purposeful adventure.

What’s the plan?

The #TRASHMOB (that’s you!!), the A-TEAM and HQ will be connecting through a shared compassion for nature that’s so close to our hearts.

And (hopefully!!) removing record breaking hauls of Single Use Pollution (SUP) from our trails and wild places. But we need your help to Do It Ourselves!  

Photo : Trash Free Trails
Photo : Trash Free Trails

Whether you’re on your own, with your friends or family, or in a school group or bubble, there’s levels to everything we do. Just remember:

  • No guilt. Every action has an impact, every piece of SUP we remove makes a difference.

  • We are positive and solution focused, and will never use shame, blame or guilt as a tactic.

  • These places have been a great resource for in what has been a difficult year for many. Let’s see what we can do for them; let’s see what we can do to help, to leave a positive trace in our trails, our wild places, and in our hearts.

How can you get involved?

It’s simple, put on your walking, running or riding shoes, grab a bag and get out there and pick up that trash… 

The guys at Trash Free Trails have even put together a handy little pack for you to get you started. 

Click on the buttons below to download your ‘Do It Ourselves Toolkit’, and the next time you’re out on the trails, remember to pick up that trash.

Your actions really do have a very big impact.