Lytchett Bay Project

We are working with the communities in Poole to raise awareness of the plastic problem and find ways to reduce their impact on our coast. Lytchett Bay, on the north side of Poole Harbour near Turlin Moor is beautiful, a complete haven. It plays home to over 30 species of wading birds, many of whom come here to overwinter from colder climates.

Lytchett Bay is also one of those areas that catches those shoes, lilos and plastic bottles, along with industry waste from further along the coast. Small pieces of plastic can easily be mistaken by birds as food and fishing debris such as netting and lines pose a risk of entanglement. We have been cleaning Lytchett Bay for several months, and with help from some enthusiastic volunteers we are now looking at ways to keep the bay clean and the wildlife safe from rubbish. This includes a project with the local fishermen to reduce the impact their equipment has on the area.

Lytchett Bay