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You may be a local business that knows it needs to become more environmentally savvy but doesn’t quite know where to start or you may want to be more active in protecting your environment and need clear, knowledgeable advice.

You may be a school teacher or principal keen to educate your students to be more ecologically aware or wanting details of local courses and projects that you can get involved with.

As an individual, you might want to participate in a beach clean, help organise a clean in your area, plant some trees or just get more informed.

If so, please get in touch by sending us the form below. We are always absolutely delighted to hear from everyone that has some interest in how Oceans to Earth can help you, your community and your environment.

We aim to get back to you within 24 hours but if you require a more urgent response, please call us on 07581 068067

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Poole Harbour – our Special Resource

Poole Harbour is an important asset for everyone that lives and works in the area and it demands our respect. Local people, both young and old, all benefit from this ‘jewel of the south coast’ and the land surrounding it. By keeping the waters clear of pollution we are safeguarding this valuable and precious resource both for now and for future generations. Moreover, by educating our community to care for the future of our local resources, we are helping to develop sustainable, caring generations for greater global good.