Poly Esther

Polly Esther

We are feeling truly blessed as the Big Harbour Clean Up and GoPladdle are now motorised! We have kindly been donated our rubbish-seeking boat ‘Polly-Esther’ by Poole Harbour Commissioners. PHC have been unbelievably supportive through our journey, with the invite to help them make Poole Harbour Boat Show 2019 as plastic free as possible so it’s a big thank you to Tracy, Kerrie, and the PHC team.

Polly is powered by an electric Torqueedo outboard which has been loaned to us by Salterns Marina. We would like to say a massive thank you to Nick Smith and the team at Salterns, Golden Arrow Marine, and to Torqeedo for lending us this amazing piece of machinery! The Torqeedo Travel is an electric outboard that can also be charged via solar! You can’t get much more eco friendly than that!

Polly-Esther will be moored at Port of Poole Marina (another very kind contribution) on the Quay, and will enable us to easily bring the rubbish we collect to shore. Kayaks are great, but we are often limited to how much we can carry and having Polly-Esther will make help us to work more efficiently when there is a lot of litter to collect. We are extremely grateful to all the aforementioned for making this possible.