We are pleased to announce our partnership with the word forest organisation.

Creating partnerships with organisations who share our core values.

We strongly believe in creating partnerships, and forming relationships with other organisations in order to achieve ambitious environmental goals. So it gives us great pleasure to announce our partnership with The Word Forest Organisation.

Accepting that we can't change the world alone!

There are so many amazing individuals and organisations out there with the same goal.

So why are so many of us trying to carry the weight of the world alone?

In our experience, once you’re on this environmental journey, there are so many things you start to notice, and in turn so many things you try to change! Nobody can change the world on their own though right? 

So let’s do it together!

Eva plants a tree in Kenya with The Word Forest Organisation
Eva plants a tree in Kenya with The Word Forest Organisation

Founded by the inspirational pair Simon and Tracy West, The Word Forest Organisation is a UK based charity that plants trees, builds classrooms, facilitates education, and supports a women’s empowerment group in Kenya.

They also raise environmental awareness and plant trees in the UK too.

Word Forest have been working tirelessly since 2017 to battle the devastating impact deforestation in Kenya has had on soil health, wildlife and the welfare of local communities. This is being achieved through extensive tree planting programmes, facilitating education for both children and adults and the empowerment of women.

These vital things not only enhance the landscape and provide new habitat for previously scarce flora and fauna, but provide income and much needed food and water security for the people who live there.

Its ridiculously difficult to even try and capture the spark and whole hearted passion that these guys have for the work they do… We’d probably have more luck containing a lit firework in a matchbox!

But we would like to express how delighted we are to have formed this partnership, and how excited we are to be a part of their extremely formidable mission!


So here’s to a fruitful and positive partnership. Working together is the future!

If you would like to make a donation that will help plant a tree (or 4000), build a school, or even feed 40 mothers, click HERE to offer your support.