Mental health and nature – the science


Dr. William Bird. MBE talks about the connection between us and nature.

With the world changing so quickly right now, many of us are feeling a bit overwhelmed. However, one thing we can still access is the natural world. Nature can provide us with everything we need. From our food, to natural antibiotics that boost our immune system, and above all, somewhere to seek solace. Dr. Bird guides us through why it is so important for us to maintain a deep connection with nature, and how it can help us all on a very deep level… There’s a science to all this, it’s not just a fluffy idea! 

Bournemouth University’s ‘nature health network’ hosts a talk with Dr. William Bird. MBE, outlining the importance of nature and how it links to our own personal wellbeing.

At the beiginning of the year we were invited to join Bournemouth University’s Nature Health Network. The network comprises of a whole mixing pot of professionals, with one common goal, to connect people with nature. Project partners include Natural Health England and New Forest National Park.

Last month the Nature Health Network hosted an amazing talk with guest speaker Dr. William Bird. MBE. The talk made us feel extremely inspired, and so we wanted to share it with you. 

Who is Dr. Bird?

William Bird MBE is a General Practitioner who has set up schemes to encourage people in the United Kingdom to exercise in order to promote good health. He was awarded an MBE for his contributions to health and physical activity in the Queen’s New Year Honours 2010. In 2009 he was nominated by the Independent of Sunday as one of the 100 people to make people happy in Britain. So he knows his stuff!

Dr. Bird hosts this 30 minute video describing the relationship between nature and our mental, and physical wellbeing. Starting with the absolute basics, see how you can implement changes in your life that are scientifically proven to benefit.