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How can we reach a different audience with a limitless potential! Simple, write a banging song about plastic…

Written by Oly Rush

A few weeks back a comment I’d read on social media about ‘preaching to the converted’ had left me thinking. What if all the images and messages we’re trying to get out are just bouncing around in some sort of echo chamber?

How can we reach a different audience with a limitless potential!

Simple, write a banging song about plastic, it’s got to be super catchy but also with an important message.

Turns out it’s not as simple as that and being musically talented isn’t something I was ever gifted with.

something a wise owl once told me ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get!’

Heading to Chapman’s Pool later that day it came to me, I’ll farm this job out!

All I had to do now was find a (promise I’m not flirting here Charlie!) super talented, likeable and lyrical musical genius!

Moments later, and this is the absolute truth, a song called ‘My heart beat jumps’ by Life Like Charlie started rolling on my playlist! Now I simply had to enrol said genius!

Photo: Life Like Charlie
Photo: Life Like Charlie

Immediately I pulled over sent Charlie a voice message on Instagram that went something like ‘Charlie, big fan of yours. Just testing the water as to whether you’d be interested in helping spread awareness around plastic pollution by writing a song…?’

Was Charlie going to reply?

Photo: Chapman's Pool
Photo: Chapman’s Pool

Off I went on my Chapmans mission, confronted by the usual scary amounts of plastic. Back at the van and reunited with phone signal I excitedly checked if Charlie had replied…

Not only had he replied he had told me how excited he was about the idea! It wasn’t long before Charlie sent me a short video with the start of the song, in-fact I think it was the same day!

I was blown away, not only was it super catchy it had an important message! This was really happening! I did cry a little bit, not going to lie.

After excited messages back and forth and undoubtedly lots of work on Charlie’s end, here we are! Plastic Island is an epic song with a powerful message.

In the words of the man himself;

“I made it because a movement needs to come from everywhere. It needs to be in music and in art to impact as many people as possible. It’s a serious and inevitable threat that needs to be talked about on a daily basis and music can do that”.

Want a copy of your own?

Give the little teaser below a listen and hit that download button, or head over to Life Like Charlie and download for as little as £1.

All proceeds go to Sea Shepherd who do an unbelievable job.

Sea Shepherds work features on the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy.

See for yourselves the huge fight we are up against to protect the oceans and all life that make it there home.

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Plastic Island by Life Like Charlie  I  Available for download

All proceeds go to Sea Shepherd