Greening up our cities and planting 9 million trees. How two organisations are taking cities to the next level.


London National Park and Mersey Forest are changing cities as we know them.

The Nature Health Network have done it again and hosted an amazing webinar. 

After the hugely successful talk with Dr. William Bird, the Nature Health Network host an inspiring 30 minute video.

With guest speakers Ed Santry from London City National Parks, and Clare Olver from The Mersey Forest and Natural Health Service.

Our cities are becoming national parks 

Ed Santry is the Ranger Programme and Community Manager for London City National Parks.

His talk covers subjects from creating sustainable cities, foraging and growing in an urban environment, and the importance of working in partnership with other organisations.

Greening up our cities and urban spaces provides huge benefits to everyone and everything.

From mental well being and carbon capture, to creating a habitat for wildlife and cooler temperatures on our streets.

Turning our urban spaces in to greener spaces could play a pivotal role in reversing climate change, and improving our mental health.

The Mersey Forest have planted 3000 hectares of woodland. That’s the same as 24,000 Olympic sized swimming pools! 

The Mersey Forest have planted 3000 hectares of trees, that’s 3 times more tree planting than the England average!

Programme Manager Clare Olver tells us how they managed to achieve this magnificent feet. 

The benefits have been so great, they have also created the Natural Health Service.