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Parkstone Rotary Club chooses Oceans to Earth as their 2021 Charity of the Year

Parkstone Rotary Club chooses Oceans to Earth as 2021 Charity of the Year

Back in October, Oceans to Earth had the opportunity to E-Meet everyone at Parkstone Rotary Club and give a Zoom presentation on our projects and environmental goals for the local area. The Rotary Club is an international but community-minded organisation, with 35,000 clubs worldwide. They help to support, fund and drive forward many important projects that have a real, long-lasting impact on peoples lives.

Oceans to Earth has been chosen as their charity of the year until June 2021, meaning they’ll be helping us out hands on, and raising funds to help us meet our operational costs.

A huge thank you to everyone at Parkstone Rotary Club, we’re super excited to have their support and the opportunity to work with them. Rotary Club membership is open to all, and Parkstone are looking for more people to join their growing team of friendly and community minded individuals. For more information about Rotary Club Parkstone, click here.