Progress For Plastic Free Poole

progress for Plastic Free Poole

a big thank you

To start, we need to say a big thank you to all the businesses, community groups and individuals who have signed the Plastic Free Pledge, and as a result their respective business or organisation have been awarded a ‘Plastic Free’ title. Businesses become ‘Plastic Free Champions’ and community groups ‘Community Allies’. All of which have committed to the removal of 3 items of single-use plastic from their trade and replaced them with sustainable alternatives, as well as supporting the campaign in anyway they can.

The ‘Plastic Free Communities’ initiative is not about the unrealistic removal of any and all plastic based products or packaging but about reducing our dependancy on it bit by bit, and in the process become aware of eco-friendly alternatives that support a healthier planet for all. 

But it’s not just the environment that benefits from a reduction in single-use plastics. A decrease in single-use means less is being thrown away to become litter, meaning money is saved due to the absence of its removal. Businesses benefit as environmentally concerned customers choose to endorse and do trade with businesses who align with their personal values. This extends to tourism as well. The end goal of the Plastic Free Communities initiative is for Poole and the areas within it, to be awarded the title of Plastic Free, for example Poole would be officially recognised as a plastic free town.  In our opinion this represents a significant pull for tourists who value natural habitats and their conservation.

progress report

Upper Parkstone (Poole)
Champions: 1/6 (17%)
Tops Day Nursery
Allies: 1/20 (5%)
Rotary Club of Parkstone 

Sandbanks (Poole)

Champions: 0/2 (0%)
Allies: 0/5 (0%) 

Hamworthy (Poole)
Champions: 3/6 (50%)
Our Planet Zero Waste
Scented Stars Dorset
Rockley Water sports College
Allies: 3/20 (15%)
Friends of Hamworthy Park
Reconnect Turlin Moor
Muddy Boots Nursery 

Canford Cliffs (Poole)

Champions: 0/5 (0%)
Allies: 0/15 (0%)

Broadstone (Poole)
Champions: 1/6 (17%)
Dorset Hill Jewellery 
Allies: 0/20 (0%)

Poole (Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole)
Champions: 9/42
The Fisherman Cafe
No1 New Street
Samantha Prewett Photography
Tops Day Nurseries
EcoMazing cleaning
Quadrant Safety Ltd
The Tea Room
Rockley Water Sports
Scented Starts Dorset
Allies: 5/90
Port of Poole Marina
Poole Harbour Comissioners
Rockfish Poole Quay
Poole Diving
Reconnect Missional Community

moving forward

There’s still a way to go before being awarded that coveted title of Plastic Free. Some areas are doing better than others in terms of businesses and community groups signed up but that can all change very quickly. Take Sandbanks for example. Just 2 local businesses and 5 community groups are needed to hit its criteria, I’m sure if your reading this you know people eligible within the area – why not suggest they get in touch? Sandbanks has a great image already but imagine if it was known for being plastic free, it would surely set a tone for visitors and locals alike that this is a place where we respect the environment.

So if you live in an area of Poole, run a business or contribute to a community group and want to join the Plastic Free Poole movement then get in touch! We have free resources and toolkits to assist you every step of the way – making the transition to plastic free as easy as 1,2,3. Just use the details below to get in touch.

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still need convincing?

Don’t just take my word for it, listen to some of Pooles’ Plastic Free Champions and hear first hand how signing the pledge has affected their business for good! Who knows maybe you’ll be on our next video?

Become a Plastic Free Champion & receive your free tool kit today by emailing us at:

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